Selected Highlights


Detroit's Lowest-Valued Homes Continue To Be Over-Assessed, Advocates Say
WDET | Eli Newman | March 2021

Economists back study that found Detroit is still inflating property taxes
The Detroit News | Christine Ferretti | March 2021

Anti-foreclosure activists demand more help in Detroit
Michigan Advance | Ken Coleman | Jan. 2021

ACLU, Tlaib Call for Foreclosure Ban to Continue in Detroit
WDET | Eli Newman | Oct. 2020

‘Black Homes Matter’: Detroit advocates speak out on foreclosures, assessments
Bridge Detroit | Olivia Lewis | Aug. 2020

Detroit Leaders Putting an End to Unjust Property Tax Forecloses
Detroit Is It | John Bozick | July 2020

Activists propose Detroit fund for overtaxed homeowners
The Detroit News | Christine MacDonald | July 2020

The Scandal of the Predatory City
The New York Times | Bernadette Atuahene | June 2020

Detroit faces reckoning, lawsuit from over-taxed homeowners
Michigan Radio | Sarah Cwiek | Feb. 2020

Effort to stave off Detroit foreclosures leaves many deeper in debt
The Detroit News | Christine MacDonald | Dec. 2019

Why more demolitions won't stop Detroit's blight
Detroit Metro Times | Maryam Jayyousi | June 2019

FBI scrutinizes Sabree property dealings; family underpaid taxes
The Detroit News | Christine MacDonald & Robert Snell | March 2019

Detroit’s housing crisis is the work of its own government
Vice | Mark Betancourt | Dec. 2017

Study: High assessments might have contributed to Detroit's foreclosure crisis
The Washington Post | Amy Dobson | Oct. 2017

Don't Let Detroit's Revival Rest on an Injustice
New York Times | Bernadette Atuahene | July 2017

Study finds Detroit's foreclosure crisis fueled by illegal tax assessments
Detroit Metro Times | Violet Ikonomova | July 2017

Law prof. says 85% of Detroit homes taxed illegally, contributing to massive foreclosure rates
Michigan Radio | Stateside Staff | July 2017

Scenes From the Foreclosure Crisis: Water, Land and Housing in Michigan
Truthout | Anne Elizabeth Moore & Melissa Mendes | July 2017

Detroit's homeowners deserve better
The Detroit News | Bernadette Atuahene | Jan. 2017

Detroit's tax foreclosures indefensible
Detroit Free Press | Bernadette Atuahene | Sep. 2016

South Africa

Returning Land Restoring Dignity
ENCA | Bernadette Atuahene | Nov. 2014

Rock Newman Show ft. Bernadette Atuahene
WHUT TV | Bernadette Atuahene | Nov. 2014

Interview on Channel Africa Radio's "Spotlight Africa"
Chicago-Kent Faculty Blog | 2014

Morning Live TV Interview
SABC News | Bernadette Atuahene | Sep. 2014

Morning News Discussion of We Want What's Ours
ANN7 | Bernadette Atuahene | Sep. 2014

Prof. Bernadette talks about her book "We Want What's Ours"
SABC News | Bernadette Atuahene | Aug. 2014

Valley FM Interview
Valley FM | Bernadette Atuahene | Aug. 2014

Rights and Recourse
SABC News | Bernadette Atuahene | Aug. 2014

Land is not a Utopia for the dispossessed
Mail & Guardian | Bernadette Atuahene | July 2012

Land restitution has some success
City Press | Bernadette Atuahene | July 2012

South Africa's Land Reform Crisis
Foreign Affairs | Bernadette Atuahene | July 2011